Software Catalog

The Software Catalog is a git repository to store the description of the software to be used in computational HPC workflows using the eFlows4HPC methodology. The eFlows4HPC Software Catalog can be found in this repository.

Repository structure

Software descriptions have to be included inside this repository according to the following structure. The different software descriptions are located as a subfolder of the packages directory. This includes the installation description as a Spack package description and the Software invocation description.

  |- packages
  |    |- software_1
  |    |    |-                 # Installation description following the Spack package format
  |    |    |- invocation.json  # Description of the software invocation
  |    |       ...
  |    |- software_2
  |          ....
  |- cfg                                   # Spack configuration used by the Image Creation Service
  |- repo.yaml                         # Spack description of this repository

Including new software

To include new software in the repository, create a fork of the repository. Inside the packages folder create a new folder with the name of the software. This folder should contain the description of the new software including at least the Spack package description and Software invocation description.

Finally, create a create pull request with the branch of the newly added software. This pull request will be reviewed and merged to the repository.