Execution API

The HPCWaaS execution API can be accessed directly through its HTTP interface with tools like curl or any programming language. The different endpoints of the API are described in the repository documentation.

A Command Line Interface (CLI) is also available to interact with the service. Visit the HPCWaaS API release page on GitHub to download a binary version of the waas CLI that is compatible with your computer.

Alternatively, a Docker image (ghcr.io/eflows4hpc/hpcwaas-api:main-cli) containing the CLI can also be obtained. To utilize the Docker image, the following command can be executed in the terminal:

docker run -ti --rm ghcr.io/eflows4hpc/hpcwaas-api:main-cli help

This is equivalent to executing:

./waas help

There are running instances of this API on both Juelich and BSC clouds, ask to the team (eflows4hpc@bsc.es) for an access to the API.

Basic usage

First you need to setup your SSH credentials using the Create an SSH Key Pair for a given user endpoint. By calling this endpoint the API will create a new SSH key pair and store it into a vault you will receive in return of this call the public key. You will never get or even see the private key. Add this public key as an authorized key for your HPC user account in order to let transfer data to your user account and run jobs for you in an automated way.

Then you can use the list available workflows endpoint to get the list of endpoints you can access.

You can then trigger a workflow execution.

And finally monitor the workflow execution.

For a more detailed usage please refer to Credentials setup and Workflow Execution.